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‘Forza 5’ Xbox One box art revealed in crisp, clear detail

We know how important aesthetics are to the gamer, so it’s an exciting day as racing title Forza 5 becomes the second Xbox One box art we’ve laid our eyes on. The first box art was for EA’s upcoming shooter, Battlefield 4. The Forza 5 box art is just a hell of a lot clearer than the Battlefield 4 one.

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The box art comes from’s German site, as reports. Forza 5 was one of the only non-sport titles to be demoed at the Xbox One launch and the trailer neatly displays the insane new processing power of Microsoft’s upcoming console. Visiting Amazon’s site allows you to hover over the box art for a further level of detail.

There’s some other information on the German Amazon site as well, some worrying news in fact. The price is listed as €99 which is an insane price for a game. Hopefully €99 is just a placeholder and we’re not going to see over with overinflated game prices. We’re glad to see that the official “Xbox green” colour is front and present, as the Xbox One console is very dark and depressing. For those with short memories, here’s the evolution of Xbox box art from the original Xbox, to the Xbox One:

This is a “new green” colour, as the first Xbox boxes were beautifully hued in vomit-green. This evolved to a thin green gradient for the first Xbox 360 boxes, and then a more modern colour that resembled a newly cut lawn. The Xbox One box art can only be described as “emerald green”. It’s a new move for Microsoft, as the box art is one uniform colour throughout, minus the game assets.

When we find out the launch date of the Xbox One at this year’s E3, where Microsoft will hopefully announce the dates and prices of its first batch of Xbox One titles.

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