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Kickstarted EarSkins fixes Apple’s EarPods with better grip and sound

For those Apple users out there who love listening to music, Earskinz wants to make your lives easier. They’re like cozies for your EarPods. The main point of EarSkinz is to give your EarPods more grip so that they don’t fall out of your ears when running or playing sports. These EarSkinz also promise to give you “enhanced sound quality” as well as unique colours.

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Apple’s EarPods were released two years ago and are said to be superior and more comfortable compared to your usual earpieces. The product did however receive mixed reviews — but that’s okay as EarSkinz wants to improve your experience regardless.

EarSkinz are not totally new though. Originally known as E1 (yawn), they have been around for some time already. The Kickstarter campaign not only gives them an extra boost of publicity but also an improved product design. EarSkinz are extremely successful as they’ve already overtaken the funding goal of US$20 000 a few days ago.

The company says that Earskins are made to “fit your lifestyle” as the it “wants to take what people are already using and enhance it.” For some personality, there are a variety of 10 different colours to choose from as well as clean-friendly. The soft plastic material “directs sound into your ear canal to enhance acoustic clarity” as well as “massive bass and improved sound.”

Apple accessories are always popular on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. If it’s not an iPhone stand or an eco-friendly keyboard, it’s a enhanced camera lens or a custom cellphone cover. The fact of the matter is, Apple products are where the money’s at.

Pledging US$10, you’ll be rewarded one set of EarSkinz. More committed backers can get their hands on other cool stuff like t-shirts or larger sets of EarSkinz.

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