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7 apps your creepy stalker could be using right now

Mobile stalking

Cyberstalking is an invasion of privacy, a terrible outlet for some desperate individuals and above of all, a crime. Those who use the internet to track and harass others are a cowardly lot, and because of rapid advances in location-based technologies, stalking innocent users online is a scarily easy affair. The most popular apps we use such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more can be used by others to follow you. Apps such as the ones listed below.

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Please note that we are in no way advocating stalking or will teach anyone how to hack into other users devices. We’re providing a list of apps that could be used by someone to stalk you. Learn from these apps, protect yourself and keep safe online. We worry about you, okay?

7 apps your creepy stalker could be using right now
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Constant Recording With Kidlogger

This is potentially the most effective monitoring app of them all. Kidlogger (and the millions like it) is keystroke-logging software that on the most basic level, records every key or button pushed. Kidlogger, which advertises itself as software that helps "Keep your children safe in cyberspace”, is stalking heaven for the creeps out there. Of course, it can be used to keep an eye on the little ones, but for any deluded adult, the screenshot, voice recording, chat monitoring and keystroke logging capabilities of Kidlogger is a sure bet. It’s not free (up to $60 for the year) but it will work on PC, Android, Mac and iPhone.

Footprints Tracks Them Down

Footprints is another app that slips by the stalking radar with “for the kids” stamped across it to assure us that it’s not meant for anything else. According to the app makers, it won’t even drain your battery as it uses Apple’s Location Change technology, meaning that the app updates every time a new cellular tower is detected. In realtime, Footprints tracks movements as it silently runs in the background of the iPhone. It even has a GeoFences option: if a tracked user steps across virtual border (set by you), Footprints instantly alerts you. Footprints costs a mere US$6 for a two-year subscription.

Follow Failed Facebook Flings With Breakup Notifier

Facebook is the ultimate Yellow Pages of the 21st century. Mostly everyone you've ever known is on it, and Breakup Notifier may be the kookiest app you ever install for it. It’ll also work on any device that can receive emails, so it’s perfect for the niche emerging market stalker group. You log onto Breakup Notifier, select males or females, what their relationship status is and choose your friends you want to track. Whenever their relationship status changes, you’ll be emailed. It’s as simple, and scary as that. Imagine someone getting an email about your failed relationship and then thinking “bingo, time to move in.” Frightening.

Foursquare Follows You

Out of every app, Foursquare holds the most potential for tracking others. While Facebook can be used to track your movements (with the Check In function), Foursquare was designed to follow your every step. Thanks to the popularity of Foursquare, mostly every inch of our fair cities have been mapped and checked-into, so it’s pretty easy to find your location in the Foursquare database, check in and get followed. Your location is manually updated on a realtime feed so it’s your choice ultimately as to how spied on you want to be. Scarily, there are add-ons such as UberCheckin which will do the work for you, checking-in to locations automatically.

Heavy Breathing Is Back In Fashion: Call Voice Changer

Do people still call others and breath heavily over the phone, is that still a thing? Regardless, Call Voice Changer will change your voice in realtime, for only US$5 at a time. Yes, you need to purchase special airtime bundles to use Call Voice Changer. The download is free, the stalking is not. The app even shoots itself in the foot saying in its description that it “changes the pitch of your voice during a phone call to deep and creepy or high and funny.” So if your voice isn’t creepy, it will be after Call Voice Changer gets its hands on you. The app uses VoIP tech for all calls, so it bypasses GSM networks.

Glympse Into A Scary Future

Glympse’s location tracking features are so simple it hurts: With the app installed, you can share your location with a friend but for a limited time only (up to four hours) thanks to the GlympseWatch timer. Although Glympse calls its app “safe for families, friends, colleagues, and one-time meetings,” the potential for disaster is limitless. While Foursquare manually tracks occasional movements, Glympse tracks every step with a realtime map that can be accessed from any browser, once the Glympse invite has been received. It can even be used on Facebook which unlocks a whole new set of privacy problems. And now, Glympse wants to add location-sharing to every app ever made. Of course, you have to send an invite for someone to follow you, but if a user is determined enough, your location could be unwillingly traced.

Google+ And Latitude

Google+, we all know it and (some of us) love it. But it’s got a semi-hidden secret that if enabled could potentially give any stalker access to your location. It’s called Latitude and it’s one of the least well known features of Google+. With Latitude activated, selected friends in your Google+ network and those you’ve blocked can see your approximate location on Google Maps. It’s one of the creepiest features of any Google product, and luckily this app is off by default, as Google+ even explains that “If enabled, you will not be able to limit where and with whom you share your location.” So unless you’re dying to let people know where you are, keep Latitude safely turned off.


Mobile Stalking

Image: andreskrey (via Flickr).

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