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Age of Empires to be released on iOS, Android and Windows 8

Reminiscing about battling it out with the Aztecs against the Mongols or simply executing idle workers to pass the time?

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Well, Microsoft will reportedly offer its games up to Android and iOS mobile platforms as well as Windows 8. The most notable of these offerings is of course the very much-loved Age of Empires. This blast from the past comes after a partnership between Microsoft and Japanese smartphone game maker Klab was reported by Japanese website Nikkei on Monday.

According to the report, Age of Empires will be the first title to be released. The classic strategy game will make its way from your memories to your mobile by year’s end. The title will be released as a free-to-play game worldwide.

Portable and free-to-play sound amusing, yes. Although it’s most probably going to urge you to pay for upgrades and bonus features which will break tradition and the rhythm of the gameplay.

This isn’t the first off-beat game release by Microsoft. As reported by The Verge, the company released Kinectimals on iOS in 2011. This was the first Microsoft developed game that was open to different platforms like iOS. Also, Ms. Splosion Man is under Microsoft’s umbrella and was announced for the iTunes app store in March this year.

Microsoft is playing ball where the money’s at. Although, the company denies any further information hinting at possible Xbox-live based games or any other Microsoft titles being released in the near future. Microsoft is becoming more tablet OS friendly as we’ve already seen iOS and Android apps like the Xbox SmartGlass and the Halo Waypoint that support Xbox 360 and Windows PC titles.

While we could still see some more classic titles being reborn in the coming years, don’t expect to see high-end Xbox titles like Halo or Crisis anytime soon. We can always dream though. This partnership or deal might open up a whole new world of possibilities.

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