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LG slides in ‘world’s thinnest Full HD display’ at 2.2mm

LG’s been hogging the news over the last few months and with good reason too. The company has announced the rolling out flexible screens a few weeks ago as well as its awesome 55-inch Curve tele. Today though it unveiled the “world’s thinnest Full HD LCD panel.” It’s a 2.2mm thin and 5.2 inches long.

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LG says that it’s the narrowest full HD LCD panel to hit the mobile market. The company also takes its hat off to the advances in touch and mobile technology it’s made. These advancements will provide larger visible display as well as an improved and lighter grip. And yes, the picture quality looks amazing.

For an enhanced touch experience LG uses its Advanced One-Glass-Solution (OGS). The 5.2-inch display is 1080×1920 and the brightness and contrast ratio results in enhanced outdoor readability. Although the colours seem to be popping out, the panel seems to be super bright. You can see the glow coming from the sides of the panel as the light reflects of the demonstrator’s fingers.

Another thing LG’s Display engineers can give themselves a pat on the back for is the panel’s bezel. Looking at the pictures, it’s almost as thin as the panel itself. Fragile much?

“Today’s introduction of the world’s slimmest Full HD LCD panel represents an exciting advancement for the high-end smartphone segment, and is possible due to our world-class expertise in IPS and touch technologies,” said Dr. Byeong-Koo Kim, Vice President and Head of LG Display’s IT and Mobile Development Group in the announcement. “LG Display will continue its commitment to developing products that maximize consumer value as well as opening new doors for the mobile and tablet PC industry.”

Of course, there’s no word on future mobile phones having this design as of yet. It would probably be a bit late for LG to apply this panel technology to the expected Optimus G2 this 7 August. However, could we see a neat lean Nexus device of sorts before Christmas?

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