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Moto X software features leaked: always on voice command and more

We get a first taste of the mysterious Moto X and its features. A leaked video in the shape of an advertisement for a Canadian communications outlet, showcases Motorola’s first new flagship after its acquisition by Google. Some entertaining features include an always on Google Now voice command, nifty camera tricks and a subtle notification system.

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About two weeks ago we saw the first hints of what to expect from the Google-owned company. Motorola plastered ads all over American newspapers as much as it invoked our curiosities and certainly raised our expectations quite a bit.

The video was first posted on a Google+ user’s page who goes by the name Дима Прокопенко. One of the main features is probably the fact that it has always on voice command. So it’s basically listening the whole time while it’s on. Creepy?

This eavesdropping feature would allow you to use Google Now without having to open the app. Instead, you can simply say “Ok Google Now…” and give orders or ask questions. After which, the Moto X would reply in a sleek Google Voice. These queries can range from random searches, weather and direction information or anything you can access via Google Now. It can even, over time, “learn your voice.”

Another nifty trick is called Instant Notifications that will let you open up notifications straight from your lock screen. “Instead of a multi-coloured notification LED the Moto X will display notifications on the screen which you can ignore or take care of straight away,” says Ausdroid, that first caught wind of the video. Your notifications won’t appear intrusive but rather “appear quietly on the screen.”

The camera software includes burst mode that will let you take multiple photos when holding down your finger on the home screen. Instead of touching the screen, you can also activate the camera app by “twisting your wrist twice.”

There’s been no word on the special customization tagline it was first advertised with. Motorola’s Brian Wallace went as far as saying that he “wants to do with phones what Google did with search.” Whatever that means.

Other information we manage to get from the video is that the models will be available in both black and white. Though the video is promoting the Moto X for Canadian communications outlet, Rogers, there’s now word on it moving beyond the US and Canadian borders. Given that it’s quite favored with the LTE selling point in North America, we still don’t have any idea of when its going to be released in the rest of the world.

You can take a look at the video here.

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