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Snailboy to slide, slap and slither to your smartphone soon

No offence to lispers out there but the headline goes for good alliteration and is also fitting with the company behind this game’s name — Thoopid. It’s kind of like “stupid” but with a “thhh” sound. The company’s name is as quirky as its new upcoming game called Snailboy: An Epic Adventure.

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This South African-produced mobile game will let you bounce around in an arcade-like magical garden experience with a deceptively agile snail. A shell-less snail to be exact. Why is he all naked, you wonder?

Well, these precious shells apparently got stolen from him by an evil Shadow Gang, which you’ll need to outsmart throughout forty puzzle levels by jumping over cacti and mushrooms and gathering what seems to be like green slime balls.

To bounce, you’ll use the same gestures you’d use when firing off an Angry Bird for instance. Using other quirky tricks you think would be fitting for any snail on an epic adventure, you’re aptly equipped to find Snailboy’s fancy shells.

Based on first impressions, the artwork and graphics are done incredibly well and given that South Africa isn’t known to be as on par with cutting edge games internationally, Snailboy definitely seems to be worth a jam or two.

Could this be South Africa’s take on another Angry Birds? We’ll find out soon enough.

Thoopid Productions is planning on releasing the Snailboy on Android and iOS around August. Until then, here’s a sneak peek:

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