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Moto X drops ‘Skip’: a wearable NFC clip that unlocks your phone

Motorola is going full steam ahead as it pimps out the Moto X user experience. Already three extras have been launched before the smartphone has even been made available. The last two are docks which are pretty standard while the first, called the Skip, is an NFC clip that offers yet another option to unlock your smartphone. As it usually goes with NFC, this is where it could get interesting.

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Apart from the media hype and decent specs, what sets the Moto X apart from its smartphone competitors, is its open customization and interesting software features. These include everything from designing your smartphone’s body on the Moto Maker site to hands-free “Ok Google” commands. All three of these accessories seem to add on to the already customisation-friendly concept of the device.

The Skip is a NFC clip that lets you skip (yes) the lock screen phase. So, instead of just using passcodes and those secret ever-so complicated patterns, you’ll simply tap the Skip and be taken to the homepage. You do this by pairing the Skip with your Moto X and going through a step-by-step software process.

The Skip NFC clip would go nicely with the Navigation Dock if you really want to take the hands-free thing to another level. It could even set up password-free ‘safe zones’ like your car says Wired. The picture also shows the clip worn on a guy’s belt.

For many, the Skip might seem like a waste of US$20 (R200) as it’s just too gimmicky and practically pointless. As for the other batch of gadget lovers who loves NFC integration, they would applaud this. If you’re against throwing money at US$20 NFC tags you can opt for the bluetooth solution or a little work around WiFi hack using the Tasker app that goes for about US$6 (R40). Either way, passwords are so last year anyway.

The other two are pretty standard. The PowerDock for Moto X, looks very stylish and is a basic Micro USB power connector. Then there’s the Navigation Dock which could work nicely with the voice control feature.

Like most car docks, the Navigation Dock will hold your device that’s then attached to an adjustable cradle you can stick to your dashboard or windscreen. Both the Navigation Dock and the PowerDock are selling for US$40 (R400).

Both the standard dock and the car dock are made by Griffin Technologies which has been popular for designing Apple, Android and PC accessories over the years. We can definitely expect to see more Moto X add-ons before the phone officially launched.

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