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LG expected to launch Chrome OS devices soon

LG has been extremely impressive over the last few years in keeping up and raising the bar with its electronics. From cutting-edge display tech to competitive smartphones, the South Korean giant seems to cover all tech. Recently, trademark leaks suggest the company is working on devices running Google’s Chrome OS.

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LG Electronics has, over the last few years, been a great part of Google’s official hardware. The company’s responsible for the Google’s most recent smartphones with the soon-to-be-released Nexus 5 underway and has a strong commitment to Android overall.

Last week Acer, Samsung and HP each launched their own budget-but-beautiful Chromebook. Though a bit late, it would just be fitting for LG to join the party.

According to TM Watch, LG has “lodged a host of Australian trade marks” to suggest a future line-up of Chrome OS devices. These devices could include names like “ChromeOne”, “ChromeDesk” and “ChromeStation”.

Based on the trademark alone, we don’t have any specifics of what gear to expect from LG’s Chrome devices but as the trademark category falls under class 9, this could be anything from laptops, mobile phones to tablet computers.

According to TM Watch, the trademarks have already been “Taken For Examination” while all the other trademarks bearing the status “Indexing Approved”. This suggests that LG is fast-tracking these trade marks. Why the hurry LG?

There are so much to look forward to with the upcoming Google Play event 24 October as we expect to see the release of Android newest OS, KitKat, and the latest Nexus 5 but could there be more surprises to be announced.

If Google events have proven anything over the last few years, the company loves surprises and announcing unheard of products. Can we expect to see a unique range of beefed-up Chromebooks?

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