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‘Plants vs. Zombies 2’ finally free for Android

“It’s about time” reads the adequately placed slogan for PopCap’s puzzle-adventure, Plants vs Zombies 2 which has just been made available on Android. Similar to the popular prequel, the tower defense game puts you in the shoes of Crazy Dave while you create a garden of defense against a seemingly endless horde of zombies.

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Apart from extra gameplay modes in PvZ 2, there are hordes of new zombie varieties to fight against such as seagulls carrying tied-up zombies, archaeologist zombies, or even a zombie that rides a piano. So many zombies. You’ll have your own updated arsenal of Plants as well.

Instead of defending your neighborhood backyard like you did in the previous game, you travel through time in an attempt to plant and defend world history itself against an inevitable zombie infestation.

Crazy Dave has quite the adventure this time round as he travels to Ancient Egypt and then to the Pirate Seas and Wild West. Ultimately, he’s in search of the perfect hot sauce for his taco. He then, of course, builds a time machine in order to go on an epic search for this hot sauce while he encounters various hordes of strange zombie characters.

Unlike it’s predecessor, Plants vs Zombies 2 is free to download although its fitted with in-game purchases. Though, as Android Community points out, one can gather enough points the more you play. You don’t have to succumb to the dreadful freemium policies in order to progress or to supercharge your Plants.

The game has been available on iTunes since late August and while it’s only been available for a day on the Play Store, it’s been receiving great reviews and well-over 1-million downloads.

On 30 August PopCap announced the new title has beaten the first PvZ 2 to the punch in terms of popularity as it has been downloaded more than 20-million times. Imagine this number to increase considerably in the next month as Android holds almost 80% of the smartphone market share.

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