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This Japanese gadget squirts grilled meat aromas in your face

People always say that there’s a fine line between genius and insanity. In the case of this gadget, the line couldn’t be much thinner. Hana Yakiniku (or more appropriately “Nose Grilled Meat” in English) is brought to us by Scentee — a device that you plug into your iPhone that then gives off the scent of cooked meat among other scents.

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“Choose. Insert. Smell. Eat.” Those are the steps you follow with this device that sheds off the scent of food. Earlier we saw the initial Scentee device that gives off perfume scents and such. Needless to say, it was weird. Now the stakes (or steaks) have again been raised with food flavours.

The Japanese company Scentee debuted its latest product that releases the aromas such as short ribs and beef tongue. Vegetarian? Fear not — the Scentee has your back with some lovely buttered potatoes. There’s also a host of other interesting flavours available such as cinnamon roll, corn soup and curry. Nom nom nom.

The device looks like a little camera pod thingamajig sticking out the top of your iPhone and claims to have a range of up to 400mm. You then select the preferred aroma with the dedicated Scentee app, and voila! You’ve got yourself the next best thing to an actual proper meal.

The company argues in case of times you find yourself in a struggle, scraping up the necessary cash needed for saucy short ribs (or corn soup apparently), you can cleverly trick your taste buds instead.

Poor student or on a vicious diet? While eating a bowl of white rice or pasta you can let the Scentee “squirt smells” into your face tricking yourself into eating something way more delicious. Ludicrous or genius? You decide.

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