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Surface Pro 2 firmware update bolsters battery by 25%

When Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 2 last month there was much talk concerning the life span of its battery. A new software update now increases the overall battery life of the tablet-slash-laptop-hybrid significantly. The tests span from web browsing to video playback. The tests show that after the new firmware update, the battery life has increased by a maximum of 25%.

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Anandtech took the Surface Pro 2 for a spin and by browsing the web with Wi-Fi, Microsoft’s tablet managed a total of 8.3 hours. This pegs it right in between the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) and the Google Nexus 10. Running the video playback test, Anandtech found that the Microsoft Surface 2 gets a 16% improvement.

Confirmed by The Verge, the battery life has increased from 7:33 to 8:51 hours which is a great stride in battery durability. These figures give you enough time to use it as a laptop and tablet during a day’s work without ever needing a power outlet. Microsoft Surface 2 (RT) has also received an update but hasn’t shown any improvements in battery life.

It’s amazing to see how much software can influence the physical nature of our gadgets. Google recently announced that one of Android 4.4 Kitkat’s main features is going to be a focus on battery life. iOS 7, for example, rolled out with a significant reduction in the battery lives of iDevices.

Apple’s MacBook Air (2013) has been praised for its impressive post-10 hour battery life but Microsoft has noted that because of things like the Surface Pro 2’s higher resolution display, active digitizer and capacitive touch, there is a greater demand on the battery.

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