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‘Hour of Code’ app launches for iOS to teach people how to program on-the-go

Learning how to code or program is one of those things that usually sits high on people’s New Years resolution lists. That, and to quite smoking. People usually never get around to doing either of those things. Codeacademy wants to change this. Although the initiative has been around for a few years, it recently launched the Codeacademy: Hour of Code app on iTunes which, as the name suggests, wants to teach iPhone users the basics of coding in under sixty minutes.

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The app is free and by introducing iPhone users to the basic concepts behind the apps on their phones and the websites they visit, it teaches them to understand the basic structure of code when they see it. This subtle approach introduces the basics of programming in a way that is not as time-consuming neither as obtrusive as taking night classes would be.

“Use your phone for what it’s good for — quick, fun exercises on the go. Program when you get home and stay fresh by reviewing on the go,” reads the description. Your smartphone is for your on-the-go lifestyle and fast, easy and seamless consumption — that’s where Codeacademy wants in.

Similar to the Codeacademy website, the app uses some gamification features to encourage students through awarding stars for good progress and such. Users also have the option to tweet their results.

There are a bunch of gamification app initiatives that have popped up over the past year or two. All exciting and trying to get young students hooked on coding. Some of these include the Light Bot puzzle game, Hopscotch and the graphically intensive Hakitsu which is like chess with mech warriors.

Though it’s meant to be good fun for all ages, Codeacademy’s app only lets users scratch the surface of what programming is about what it looks like. Hour of Code is meant to be the perfect way to get started programming and a great reference on the go to refresh your mind of the concepts you need to know every day.

The main objective of Hour of Code? Getting 10 million students in the US to spend at least 60 minutes learning how to code. As mentioned by The Next Web, Hour of Code is a campaign set up by as part of Computer Science Education Week.

Whether or not there is an Android app in the pipeline is still not clear.

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