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Xbox owner risks life to save console from fiery death [video]

A man from Kansas, United States has done what most of us would, namely saving his beloved Xbox from a fiery death. A news report from ABC shows that a man, in the wee hours of the morning ran into his home to rescue his gaming console.

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There’s no indication if it was the Xbox One or 360, but we’re guessing that it was the newer console, as it’s a pretty pricey piece of next-gen gaming goodness. It’s estimated the fire caused over US$80 000 in damages. US$80 000 minus US$500 for the Xbox One that is. At the very least, the man shouldn’t have worried about losing his saved games, as both the Xbox One and 360 let us save all games to the cloud. His machine though, would have gone up in a cloud of smoking plastic and metal.

The nameless Xbox owner, who was woken up in the early hours of Friday morning, is said to have suffered no damages from the fire, but was treated for smoke inhalation. In other news, this is the only way that gaming can ever truly be harmful to your health. Also, would he have risked his life for a PS4?

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