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Analogue Nt is the hot as hell, aluminium NES made with love

The best NES emulator isn’t Jnes, VirtualNES or Nestopia. No sir, it’s precision fabricated from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium and it’s called the Analogue Nt. It’s so much more than an emulator — it’s the NES, redesigned. Actually, it’s not an emulator at all, according to the company. It’s simply the best version of the NES ever made. Or as the company says “[It’s] an NES/Famicom. It’s Videophile. It’s Audiophile. And there is no emulation”

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We know little of the Analogue Nt, but the site drops a few hints regarding what this redesigned console, based on a twenty-year old games machine will offer us:

  • two slots for NES (US) and Famicon (Japan) cartridges
  • 1:1 game compatibly with access to over 2000 titles
  • A “new” old NES rebuilt from the ground up
  • four gamepad slots (original controllers will be supported
  • sex appeal
  • priced under US$649

And… that’s all the company has released for now. It should also work with any TV or monitor, as tweeted by Analogue.

It will also sound rather “emotional”.

Analogue Nt will be released at tje end of March and apparently there will be a wooden version, no surprise as this is the company which made the wooden Neo Geo (for a mind-boggling US$649). As for the price, it’ll be cheaper than the aforementioned Neo Geo says Analogue.

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