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Google Glass (beta) is now available to anyone in the US

The legends at Google have finally opened the much anticipated, highly exclusive, Google Glass Explorer program to…everyone in the United States (sorry rest of World).

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Nearly a month after the sold out one-day only sale of Glass to the US public, Google has decided to expand the explorer programme yet again.

Prior to the sale last month, Glass was reserved for “explorers” hand-picked by the search engine tycoon. Anyone could apply, but not everyone was privy to Google’s vision from the future. And did we mention the US$1500 price tag?

Although making Glass available to the public may seem like a consumer rollout, Google is maintaining its position that the product is still in beta. Earlier this year, they indicated that a consumer model for Glass would be released by the end of 2014.

The Explorer program was initially launched for Google to conduct beta testing and gauge feedback from the users. The method of beta testing was unique, in that anyone could apply, allowing Google to survey a wide array of response and uses for its new product.

More importantly, the company has been able to mold and adapt Glass to what consumers want. Following last month’s sale, for example, the Google introduced SMS support for iOS users and a Glassware calendar. Presumably, these amendments were launched in response to feedback from new explorers.

It seems Google, along with the rest of the internet community, is still a little apprehensive about how Glass will function within society. Otherwise, why would it be so eager to expand the Explorer programme?

After last month’s sold out one-day sale, there was speculation that Google may have just been trying to get rid of stock before rolling out the consumer model. Evidently the company has created more beta product to unleash on the world, indicating that the consumer model is probably not ready just yet.

Glass is no doubt a revolutionary product with the potential to disrupt the wearable scene in a colossal way. But will it? With thousands of new explorers about to hit the streets with their spiffy future specs, we are about to find out.

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