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Google unveils Android Wear’s nifty notification system

Google’s Timothy Jordan has revealed Android Wear’s notification system, heading for smartwatches and wearables in the not too distant future. Android Wear is Google’s planned platform dedicated to wearable technology, or as Google describes: “Small, powerful devices, worn on the body.” We also have a sneak video peek of how the actual OS operates.

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Jordan, the Senior Developer Advocate at Google, has described on Google Plus how the notifications will operate visually on the platform, displaying notifications from any app. The card-like tabs will appear in the bottom half of the screen, according to the images attached to the post. It’s starkly reminiscent of Google Now’s appearance on Android smartphones.

This will allow wearers of the LG G Watch or Motorola Moto 360, both based on Android Wear, to receive notifications from calendar apps, games, media players, messaging apps and Nest’s thermostat technologies among others, “with just a few lines of code.” The Android Wear SDK will be released “later this year,” according to Google’s Android developer website, while a full list of notification images is available here.

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