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GTA V salutes Independence Day with freedom-fueled monster trucks

From 3-6 July, GTA V celebrates Independence Day. GTA Online players get a flood of free goodies, cheap ammo and for one lucky player, a million bucks in GTA$ for the most “freedom” Snapmatic (GTA’s Instagram) shot. Gamers can log into GTA Online right now and access the “Independence Day Special Event” playlist to take part in brand new jobs to earn both double GTA$ and RP, but only in that special playlist.

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How else does GTA V enjoy freedom? Like this:

  • 75% off airstrikes.
  • 25% off heavy ammunition RPGs, Grenade Launchers and Miniguns “because packing enough personal firepower to wipe out a small nation is a right, not a privilege.”
  • A free Liberator Monster Truck. GTA Online players can call Pegasus Deliveries or visit the in-game website to purchase this freedom-fuelled beast (it’s the one pictured above).
  • A Snapmatic competition where one player can win 1-million GTA$, GTA V’s version of currency along with (this is possibly the coolest thing ever) a custom vanity plate for a car which reads “AMERICA”. Photos must be tagged with #IndependenceDay to qualify.

There’s also a special, ultra-cool online event, namely an America versus Great Britain online extravaganza where the Rockstar US and UK teams, along with privileged playersm will battle it out on the new jobs playlist. And freaking Lazlow himself will be commentating. Lazlow, for those who don’t know, is practically the official voice of GTA and has starred in series as a radio DJ from as early on as GTA III. This fight to the death took place yesterday and the full live-stream is available to view right now. It was an insane, redneck hootin’ affair. Watch it below.

Remember folks, the event continues until Sunday night so there’s still loads of weekend time for enjoying these patriotic add-ons. Also, there’s a sweepstakes to take part in, where gamers can win t-shirts, foam fingers, and a metal baseball bat, of course. Rockstar’s last GTA V update brought hipsters to the fold, with new threads, cars and weapons that were all cool in an ironic sort of way.

Image via DigitalTrends

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