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‘Pixels’, ‘Final Fantasy XV’ and GearVR babies: the TGIF Video Roundup

TGIF, and we really shouldn’t be at work, but that won’t stop us from gandering through the week’s best tech, gadget and gaming videos, now will it? If you missed last week’s roundup, catch it below.

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After a week of disappointment, the gaming and technology world has unveiled some sweet and savory goodies for us to indulge.

For one, we kick off with a new movie trailer, from the brains (or lack thereof) behind Billy Madison, Big Daddy and Grown Ups. That’s right, it’s Adam Sandler’s new movie trailer.

Following up the pain of watching that, two Wired writers decided that it would be fun desecrating a few legacy consoles, like the Nintendo 64, SEGA Dreamcast and the hilariously-easy-to-break PlayStation 3.

Just in time for Easter, we explore some Easter eggs hidden deep within the leafy bowels of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

We also celebrate renewed life with Samsung‘s rather creepy but impressive GearVR demonstration, we have a look at GameXplain’s Final Fantasy XV play through and finally, gander through the Battlefield Hardline heists live action trailer.

1. We hope Adam Sandler’s ‘Pixels’ isn’t as dumb as its trailer

And that, we realise, is usually asking too much of a Sandler movie.

The comedy actor’s Pixels, features a horde of gaming heroes from the yonder years hell bent on destroying humankind, thanks to one misunderstood time capsule from NASA. Clearly aliens don’t have a very good sense of humour, and neither will the crowds flocking to watch this flick, we imagine.

Peter Dinklage, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin James and Pacman co-star, which should bring some credibility at least.

2. Justin and Erik from Wired lay waste our gaming memories

Perhaps even more anger-inducing than Pixels is this blow to the heart.

If you own a Nintendo 64, a SEGA Dreamcast or a SEGA Genesis, the consoles are usually treated ass pieces of history and with loving care, but these guys don’t quite agree. These chaps though it would be fun to drop a bevy of consoles that we used to build our childhood from the top of a cherry picker, for the sake of the worst scientific undertaking ever.

Seriously, have you even tried to control your variables, Wired?

3. Dragon Age: Inquisition has all sorts of goodies lurking between rocks, under stairs

And if you jump on these fifty times or more, something magical happens. Actually, nothing really happens.

Allegedly, a secret quest is unlocked in the game around the Emerald Graves, as suggested by a BioWare employee. As noted earlier, you jump on a rock few times, a strange voice beckons you to find ten Crystal Graces, return to the rock with said flowers and received influence. Quest over.

What it doesn’t quite reveal yet, is the supposed chest full of goodies that appears beneath a staircase at some point afterwards.

Have a look at ProjectFalconPunch‘s video for more granular details.

4. Samsung GearVR’s virtual baby birthing is both scary and awesome

Some uses for virtual reality extend beyond the gaming womb, it seems, and into the real one.

This rather brilliant marketing stunt (and stunt of humanity, it should be said) helped a father witness the live streaming of his third child’s birth using a Samsung GearVR headset.

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It’s rather brilliant, and quite touching, but it does demonstrate the more practical uses for virtual reality headsets, even if they do seem to exhibit more gimmicks than anything at the moment.

Have a look at the touching video above.

5. EA brings us a Battlefield Hardline heists live action trailer

Nope, not quite GTA V Online but its close enough.

EA‘s attempts at crafting a cops and robbers game has gone down a treat with some, but there is clearly still a lot to do to get sceptics on board. The latest Battlefield Hardline heists trailer should go some way into converting those.

And even if you aren’t interested in the game at all, this trailer is all sorts of awesome.

6. Final Fantasy XV demo is raw, but looks wonderfully promising

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It’s a bit unfair to give Final Fantasy XV grief, especially since the Episode Duscae demo is about as raw as can get, but the game at least looks rather interesting.

Gameplay mechanics also look great, and seriously addictive, but the lack of character depth and atmosphere might bring the game down.

Have you got your hands on the demo? Let us know what you think about the game in the comments section below.

Feature image: Samsung Tomorrow

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