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Reload those weapons: ‘Evolve’ is getting an ‘Arena Mode’


Evolve is one of those games that’s only really five-star entertainment in short bursts, and that seems to be what Turtle Rock Studios is focusing on.

Arena Mode is a free update to the game that will see four hunters pitted against one monster in a head-to-head, fight-to-the-death battle. If this sounds like Hunter Mode, it’s probably because it is, but it’s the most exciting part. There’s no “hunt” to worry about. Gamers are plunged straight into the action and are forced to do battle.

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“Arena Mode adds a completely new way to play Evolve by bringing players straight into frenetic, heart-pounding battles,” noted Chris Ashton, co-founder and design director at Turtle Rock.

“Our goal is to provide players with the most entertaining gameplay experience possible, and Arena Mode provides nonstop combat for those who want nothing but action.”

Arena Mode adds “five fixed arenas are placed on 14 of Evolve’s maps for a total of 70 locations” while there is a best of three system that respawns players on a new fixed area on the same map when one opposing team in the battle is defeated.

It sounds a bit generic, but it does add a new element to a game that rewards good tactics and flawless accuracy. Have a look at the gameplay below, and if you haven’t gotten your hands on the free DLC yet, have at it.

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