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Apple’s iPhone 6S confirmed with 2GB RAM, iPad Pro with 4GB

It took a while for early users to sift through the code, but finally the new iPhone 6S series is revealed to have 2GB of RAM, while the iPad Pro features 4GB.

The news comes courtesy of Twitter user Hamza Sood, who used Xcode — a suite used to develop apps on iOS platforms — to cleverly calculate the RAM figures of each device.

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Apple doesn’t usually announce candid specifications of its products as other manufacturers would unless it adds to the device’s marketing appeal. So while the new 12MP camera was sure to get its 20 minutes of screen time, figures like the Apple A9‘s processor speed and RAM numbers weren’t mentioned at all.

The company did the same with the iPhone 6, and those upgrading from Apple’s older phone will be happy about the additional RAM.

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Thanks to the iPhone 6’s 1GB of RAM (thanks to the Apple A8), apps often had to often swap in and out of memory or be restarted completely. The additional 1GB in the iPhone 6S should improve multitasking, leave room for 4K recording, and allow for new iOS 9 technologies — like 3D Touch — to work seamlessly with users’ installs.

This goes for the iPad Pro as well, which is meant to be used as a portable graphic designer’s workstation performing RAM-intensive tasks.

While international preorders began this weekend, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus don’t have confirmed arrival dates for South Africa yet. Based on previous models though, we should see the devices reach the country by the end of the year. The iPad Pro’s local debut is less certain.

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