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Gearburn’s Holiday Gift Guide 2015: the best tech gifts under R150

Christmas shopping is a torrid chore, but it doesn’t have to be, especially if you happen to read Gearburn regularly. Our staff have put their brilliant collective minds together to bring you a list of devices for those looking for techy gifts at convenient price points. Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide 2015.

This is the first of four articles leading up to the mad holiday rush, and in this piece, we’ll look at gifts below R150. Sure, these gifts might seem a bit boring, or soulless, but these will come to the aid of the techy in your life more often than a glitzy gift ever could. So let’s start off with the evergreen items.

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Patriot LX 32GB microSD card

Price: R146, Takealot
For? The obsessive smartphone media consumer

You really can’t go wrong with memory cards as holiday gifts, especially if it’s as large as 32GB. From popping them into picture frames, tablets or smartphones, these versatile plastic and metallic wonders will be the perfect gift for the modern human. This Patriot card from Takealot offers the best value for money around at the moment and comes with an SD card adapter too.

Kingston microSD USB card reader

Price: R36, Raru
For? The photographer with just too many memory cards

If you’re thinking of getting a small gift for the Instagrammer-slash-photographer in the family, this might be the perfect keychain accessory. These are also perfect for those who don’t want to carry an SD card adapter and have more SD cards that what’s considered normal.

Speedlink Notary Soft Touch mouse pad

Price: R81, Takealot
For? The overactive mouse user

Sometimes holiday gifts that seem boring can often prove the most useful. Take socks, and mouse pads, for instance. This example from Speedlink features a trending white stitch around its edge, while the soft covering should allow mice of all persuasions to glide across it. It’s large enough to do a little bit of gaming too, at around 19cm by 23cm.

Xbox Live R100 gift card

Price: R99, Raru (currently out of stock) or EvoPoints
For? Those with an Xbox gaming console

When push comes to shove, the best holiday gift is always the gift card itself. It might seem like a cop out, but it’s always massively appreciated by those on the PlayStation Network, or in this case, Xbox Live. For those with an Xbox One or Xbox 360, the gift card with allow them to shop on the Xbox Live store, where a number of great indie games live and breathe.

Marblue Stylus SlapBand

Price: R37, Takealot
For? The overactive tablet user

Here’s something for the real tablet addicts. Styluses are great little devices for interacting with touch screen devices without leaving fingerprints behind. The Marblue Stylus is effectively a wrist band, and features two conductive nubs at either end. Essentially, the stylus is always on you, and solves the biggest issue with storing stylus pens. It’s available in a number of different colours too and is extremely trendy.

Whizzy Double USB car charger

Price: R99, CNA (currently out of stock), or Takealot for R129
For? Those who tend to be on the road a lot

Few things are more useful than a car charger on a long journey. Whizzy also adds two USB ports on this device — one featuring a high-amp output for Apple devices, and the other for more traditional accessories. This means that the user can charge an iPhone, or another phone, and a GPS simultaneously.

Energizer Easy LED light

Price: R75, Cape Union Mart
For? Pretty much any South African

Loadshedding might’ve been absent for much of the summer thus far, but that doesn’t mean consumers shouldn’t have backup plans. The Energizer Easy LED light uses three AA batteries and is perfect for those dark days, the car or that gamer who doesn’t mind camping. It might not be the most interesting holiday gift, but it’ll definitely be one of the most useful.

LED Lenser K1 torch

Price: R85, Cape Union Mart
For? Those who want a compact, bright pocket torch

Sure, you could use your smartphone, but often dedicated torches are more useful. The Lenser K1 burns for around 45-minutes with a beam length of around 15-metres, so it’s perfect to keep slung on a key chain, or as an emergency torch for avid outdoors lovers. It’s also great for peering inside dark computer cases when the monthly maintenance check comes around.

Smart Clean screen cleaner

Price: R70, The Men’s Den
For? Those who are obsessive compulsive about device hygiene

Screen cleaners are essential for tablet and smartphone users, and this nifty little polishing ball is the perfect addition to anyone’s laptop bag. It features a dual surface that cleans and polishes, and thanks to its shape, it’s easy to hold.

Bondi Hang It On phone holder

Price: R139, The Gadget Shop
For? Practically anyone with a smartphone

A smartphone stand is just what the tech doctor ordered if you’re paranoid about leaving your phone on tables to charge. These cute little bendable plastic stands can mold to the shape of your phone, with their arms and legs, protecting the phone’s ear. There’s also a nifty hanger for those who fancy keeping their phones off the ground, and they’re available in a bevy of colours, including blue and black.

Apple App Store OR iTunes gift card

Price: R150, Pick N Pay
For? iPhone users or music lovers

If you happen to be completely stumped by what to buy for who this Holiday season, look no further than the ever reliable iTunes gift card. Load R150 onto the sucker, hand it to your Secret Santa partner and let them decide what to do with it. If you don’t fancy the level of free will involved, you can also get an App Store gift card, if he or she happens to use an iOS device. It allows them to pay for apps on the legendary App Store, which could be upgrades for games or games themselves.

Feature image: 401(K) 2012 via Flickr

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