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Watch the first gameplay trailer for Gran Turismo Sport

Eagerly waiting for Gran Turismo to be released on PlayStation 4? Well, November will see the release of Gran Turismo Sport and a trailer has been released to whet your appetite.

The trailer shows off gameplay for the first time, so what’s new in this iteration of the mega-popular franchise?

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In case you missed the initial announcement, Gran Turismo Sport has an emphasis on the esport element, featuring a partnership with the FIA motorsports body. In fact, the winners of the virtual championships will be honoured alongside real-world champions at the yearly FIA prize-giving ceremony.

The trailer showed off some of the cars on offer, delivering GT-class cars, Le Mans prototypes and crazy concept cars.

As for the total number of cars, you’re looking at 140, making it more of a Prologue-type experience with a focus on multiplayer and spectating really. Throw in 19 tracks (27 layouts) and you have to hope that the price reflects the amount of content in the game.

Otherwise, photography got a ton of attention in the video, as GT Sport allows you to place your cars into scenes so you can take photos of them in all their glory. In fact, the company claims that over 1000 locations will be available.

Some of these slick locations were shown off in the trailer, including a neon-lit urban road, a garage at dusk, the desert, Mount Fuji, a petrol station and the Petronas Towers in Malaysia.

The other notable feature is a decal editor, allowing you to visually customise cars to your liking. It remains to be seen whether it’ll reach the lofty heights set by Forza Motorsport, but Polyphony Digital is promising that users can make their own liveries or their favourite real-world paint jobs.

What about the graphics? Well, the car models certainly match up to those of Gran Turismo 6, although we do see some jagged edges at this stage (it’s early days yet, so there’s hope for polishing). However, the developer is claiming quite a visual improvement in photo mode and replays. But if you’re expecting it to be a huge step above the PS3 effort in general, you might be disappointed.

Gran Turismo Sport has a 15 November release date in the USA, with Europe and South Africa following in that week.

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