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Today in history: Tetris launches in USSR in 1984


6 June 2016 might not be important for most people, but it’s an integral date in the gaming world. Alongside Pong and Space Invaders, Tetris is arguably the other landmark video game that inspired many a title (and other games’ puzzle-solving mechanics) beyond it.

The game itself was developed by Russian programmer Alexey Pajitnov and was a big moment in both worldwide game design, and Russian game design. Why? Well, it was the first fun piece of software exported by the country to the United States, where it has cemented itself in popular culture.

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Tetris was first played on a machine dubbed the Electronika 60 — or what is now the perfect name for a glam-rock band. The machine had just 8KB of RAM — compare that to most premium smartphones which now boast around 4GB RAM — which was fairly powerful in the 1980s.

Debuting today in 1984 — a good 32 years ago — the game hasn’t really lost any of its lustre either. It might not be the most complex puzzle solving game you’ll play in 2016, but it still requires an acute situational awareness, rock-solid composure, and deft forward-planning.

So, to pay homage to the humble game, we’ve found what could be the funniest thing you’ll likely see today (nope, sorry, no spoilers).

Have a look at the video below, and do share your first experience with Tetris in the comments section below.

Feature image: Dr. Frank via Flickr

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