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You can’t directly connect your iPhone to new MacBook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro

Apple held its MacBook Pro event last night, revealing few surprises if you were keeping up with the rumour mill.

In an interesting move, the new MacBook Pro laptops sport four USB Type-C ports, moving away from the single Type-C nonsense of the vanilla MacBook.

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These new laptops don’t have full-sized USB ports however, which means you can’t actually connect your iPhone directly to the MacBook.

The solution is to splash out US$25 on a USB Type-C to Lightning cable, available from the Apple online store.

The new MacBook Pro line has some lovely features, but iPhone users will be in for a tough time

Fortunately, Apple has decided to keep the 3.5mm earphone jack on the MacBook Pro line (they weren’t “courageous” enough to remove it), although your Lightning-equipped headphones won’t directly connect to the laptop.

In other words, it’s easier being an iPhone user with a Windows laptop than it is being an iPhone owner with a MacBook. At least in terms of having to lug around dongles.

Still, things could be worse. You could have a Galaxy Note 7. Or a Windows Phone, like me.

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