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Moto Z: more Motorola phones to hit SA before 2017

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The Moto Z launched in South Africa this week, marking the first Moto-branded smartphones in the country since 2012.

Can we expect more phones down the line? What about the ultra-durable Moto Z Force? We got some details.

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Graham Braum, General Manager for Lenovo Africa’s Mobile Business Group, said they would have the “entire” range of Lenovo/Motorola products on offer by Christmas, from “R799 up to to R12 999”. This included the Lenovo A and Lenovo B budget handsets and the Moto E3 range. Braum added that the Moto G4 would be coming to the country in “the not-too-distant future”.

Braum was cagey on pricing details for the Moto G4 but confirmed that the E3 range would start at R1999.

The Moto E and Moto G4 range isn’t landing at the same time as the Moto Z

So why did it take so long for Moto-branded smartphones to come back to South Africa (having last seen a new phone in 2012)?

“Like any integration, (it) takes time. And also, you have to have a focus and you have to have an investment,” Braum answered, adding that their initial focus for Africa was the PC market.

“So, it’s a timing thing, but we are ready now to invest and this is why we’ve launched now.”

As for marketshare targets, the executive said that their goal was to be in the top three mobile brands in Africa within the next three years.

More Moto Z details

In an interesting and welcome move (if they pull it off), Lenovo EMEA’s Christoph Janeba told journalists that the Moto Mod accessories would work on the next two to three generations of Moto flagships. And new mods are expected to be backwards-compatible as well.

“We really see it as a multi-generational approach… Every Mod you are going to buy today… you can use them on the future phones, and the other way around. So that’s at least a two to three year commitment from our side…”

Hoping to get your hands on the durable Moto Z Force? Well, unfortunately, the phone won’t be available in South Africa, Braum said.

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