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HTC Bolt looks like a challenger to LG V20 audio throne

HTC Bolt TechnoBuffalo

LG has been making a big song and dance about its new V20‘s audio capabilities, but the HTC Bolt could be lining up to take on the Korean manufacturer.

According to slides obtained by TechnoBuffalo, the HTC Bolt will bear a resemblance to the HTC 10 and One A9, albeit with IP57 water resistance.

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As for internal specs, the slides don’t mention much in the way of horsepower, but do claim a 3200mAh battery, 8MP selfie shooter and a 16MP f/2.0 main camera with optical image stabilisation.

We’re glad to see the HTC Bolt (reportedly) being the latest phone with solid audio recording capabilities

However, it seems that HTC is pushing audio capabilities hard once again, as one slide mentions support for 24-bit Hi-Res Audio recording.

“Great looking video should also sound great,” the slide reads. “The HTC Bolt records audio tracks in 24-bit Hi-Res audio.”

The new feature, if confirmed, would be the latest move in the mobile audio recording field, as the LG V20 stepped up first with Hi-Res Audio recording support and three high-quality microphones.

LG and HTC aren’t the first to tout audio recording in a phone though, as Nokia pushed audio recording hard with the Lumia range, featuring up to four high-quality microphones.

Featured image: TechnoBuffalo

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