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No Man’s Sky player numbers jump after ‘Foundation Update’

no man's sky

After the announcement and release of its Foundation Update, No Man’s Sky has seen a massive spike in player numbers on Steam.

The update, which adds base building, new trophies, freighters and a number of new gaming modes, arrived on PlayStation 4 and PC today. But while we can’t esstimate just how many people are playing the game on the PlayStation 4 at present, we can use Steam as an indicator for PC players.

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According to SteamCharts, No Man’s Sky went into Sunday 27 November with around 700 concurrent players on Steam. As of 7pm SAST, that number is closer to 7000.

No Man’s Sky’s Foundation Update brought more than 5500 players back to the game in just under 24 hours

It might be a seemingly tiny jump for a game that opened its Steam account with 212 000 concurrent players, but it’s a welcome increase for the likes of Hello Games.

This jump also marks its biggest jump since launch, and is a three-fold increase over October 2016’s peak numbers.

As more players download the update over the next week, we do expect player numbers to swell. But will the numbers plateau at a relatively high altitude? That remains to be seen.

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