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Nintendo Switch accessories: What prices to expect?

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has already revealed the final release date and price for the Switch console, as well as some lovely trailers for upcoming games. But what about accessory prices?

Well, the company has just published its “buy” page for the Nintendo Switch and related accessories. And prices do seem a tad steep, to say the least.

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For starters, those wanting the Pro Controller will need to splash out US$70, making for a big increase compared to the Wii U Pro Controller’s US$50 price tag.

Want an extra pair of JoyCon controllers? It’ll set you back US$70 as well, regardless of colour scheme. You can however buy a left or right controller only for US$50.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is rather steeply priced, it has to be said

As for the JoyCon charging grip? This accessory has a US$30 price tag.

Nintendo is also selling a Switch Dock Set separately, saying that this is ideal for those wanting to move their Switch around to multiple TVs in a household. The Dock Set, which includes the dock, HDMI cable and AC adapter, will cost US$90.

Interestingly enough, Nintendo is also selling a Joy-Con Wheel accessory, allowing you to place the controller in the wheel for racing games (much like the Wii wheel). These can be bought in a set of two for US$15 (without the JoyCon controllers, obviously).

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