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7+ games for the geeky Valentine’s Day couple

February… the month of love, passion and most importantly, Valentine’s Day. For some this is a time to embrace and celebrate the connection between them and their significant other. For others it’s a tender reminder of their perpetual singledom and utter loneliness.

If you happen to fall in the latter group then this is probably not the healthiest bit of reading material… but hey! Why not read it anyway and see what you’re missing out on?

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If you do have a partner in crime though, then this list of games can, and probably will, provide you with the best Valentine’s Day itinerary yet.

P.S. If you have any suggestions, drop us line in the comments section!

Super Mario Bros.

A co-op classic by any standard, Super Mario Bros. is the highest selling game of all time (after Wii Sports? Really?)

Enter this old-school adventure as brothers Mario and Luigi, two pixelated plumbers that get high on mushrooms, hallucinate that they’re giants that can throw fireballs, explore shady underground sewers and destroy the local wildlife while trying to satisfy their insatiable hunger for coins.

All this while their supposed to save Princess Peach from an evil dragon lord named Bowser.

Maybe Super Mario Bros. isn’t as romantic as I thought?

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is just one of those experiences that are best shared. Not only does it provide you with hours of captivating gameplay and entertaining cinematics, but its plethora of amusing characters and festive colours is sure to make this a date-night hit.

Choose between four distinctive characters, each with their own special abilities and weapon strengths and let the Mad Max on Acid murder simulator begin.

VS fighting games

Sometimes love is all about asserting dominance and establishing control over a relationship… right?

Well, few games can test the mettle of your lover as effectively as the plethora of eye-melting and action-packed VS. Fighters out today.

Lover of anime? Then why not use a variety of close-combat moves and ninja magic to physically and mentally destroy your partner in the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm series. Rasengan!

Into unrealistically proportioned bodies beating each other absolutely senseless in the most unique ways possible? Well, let me recommend the Street Fighter series, the longest running VS. fighter franchise in the business. Hadoken!

Or how about brutally separating the limbs from your mistress’ body using some of the most graphically violent methods you’ve ever seen on a screen? Your best bet will be the infinitely classic Mortal Kombat series. Now get over here!


In a gaming world saturated with violence, Minecraft is the perfect break-away for you and your significant other.

In this therapeutic adventure you will learn to work together and expand your already unbreakable connection into a digital realm of creation, discovery and ultimate freedom.

That’s until night falls and that wonderful world around you turns into a pixelated wilderness filled with unimaginable horrors such as flesh-eating zombie babies and teleporting demons.

We’ll see how in love you are then, won’t we?

Pretty much any Call of Duty

As one of the world’s largest gaming franchises, the Call of Duty series is sure to provide you and your partner a night filled with all kinds of action.

Whether it’s mindlessly planting a plethora of bullets in your enemies or profuse love-making sessions in-between matches, Call of Duty is sure to get your blood pumping on Valentine’s Day.

Or if you’re feeling like your partner has grown distant then why not get up close and personal with a round of knife-only, one-on-one.

Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time

Arcade Shushi’s Luke Brown describes Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time as “an oddly hypnotic ballet of carnage and colour”. Now doesn’t that sound romantic?

Take control of a vivid retro spaceship and navigate it through hostile environments while having to control each thruster, shield and weapon independently. If you and your lover can make it through this game without a single fist-fight, you know you’re meant to be together.

As a game that that relies heavily on team work and communication, Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time is perfect for a Valentine’s Day couple co-op.


Broforce is the perfect co-op game for Valentine’s Day. Forge an unbreakable bond in the furnace of war and chaos while boasting your undying love to your dying enemies.

There are over thirty bros to choose from, each with its own unique attacks and special abilities that you can use to turn the devil and his terrorists into a pixelated sea of blood. If you want to do Valentine’s Day right, this is the way to do it.

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