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Dodgy Telefunken ‘full HD’ TVs recalled – report

Telefunken TV

Earlier this week, it was reported that a Telefunken ‘full HD’ TV sold by Game wasn’t actually full HD. Instead of featuring a 1920×1080 resolution, the TVs topped out at 1366×768.

The TV’s packaging and the set itself all claimed to be full HD, but subsequent testing by MyBroadband reader Abu-Huraira Oman Abdalla revealed the HD-ready nature of the panel. Game’s response to the revelation was rather concerning though.

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“There is no claim on native resolution, the unit is sold as a TV and not as a high-end monitor,” the retailer was quoted as saying.

Game will be initiating a recall on Telefunken ‘full HD’ TVs that aren’t actually full HD

Now, Game’s parent company (Massmart) has confirmed that it’s initiating a recall for the affected TV sets, MyBroadband reported.

Massmart’s communications manager told the publication that an investigation revealed the issue.

“The result is that we have determined that the supplier has incorrectly labelled the product as Full HD, when in fact it should have been labelled HD Ready,” the communications manager was quoted as saying.

The Massmart representative said that the TVs have been quarantined and that supplier Nu-World has been told to notify affected Game customers.

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