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A Blind Legend and CATS: this week’s top mobile games

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Welcome to Gearburn’s Mobile Game Picks of the Week, a weekly series in which Hadlee takes a look at the latest, most entertaining, or time-consuming mobile games on portable screens.

It’s been a busy week, with a public holiday and Burn Media moving offices, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some mobile gaming goodness…

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Our favourite mobile games this week? Well, I quite liked A Blind Legend and CATS.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars (free – Android, iOS)

We’ve seen numerous “build your own vehicle of destruction and do PVP combat” games in recent months, with CATS being the latest.

The title, by Cut the Rope dev ZeptoLab, has you creating a vehicle out of various parts. From here, you’ll enter combat, with the match playing out automatically. It’s a novel idea and one that therefore places an emphasis on a good loadout.

There are cooldown timers and that sort of thing, but overall, CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is worth downloading.

A Blind Legend (free – Android, iOS)

Who says that games have to possess fantastic graphics? Hell, who says that games have to feature graphics in the first place?

That’s the premise behind A Blind Legend, being an action/adventure without video. Instead, you’ll need to use swipes and binaural sound (via earphones) to navigate through the world.

A Blind Legend is a very interesting aural experience, and while the controls could do with some work, it’s one of the more innovative mobile games around.

Guardians of the Galaxy: The TellTale Series (paid – Android, iOS)

TellTale can generally be relied upon to produce a solid video game adaptation of your favourite TV/film franchise.

Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest title to get the treatment, in the form of a five-part episodic series. So Guardians fans and TellTale enthusiasts alike will want to keep an eye on this one.

The first episode is available for R69 on Android and R80 on iOS. However, the rest of the episodes require a payment of R205 on Android and R230 on iOS.

Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game (free – Android, iOS)

Family Guy has received a mobile game before, but the latest game opts for the ever-reliable match-three puzzle formula.

In fact, Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game seems like a reskin of Candy Crush, down to the addition of striped puzzle pieces and the typical end of level bonuses. The biggest difference here is that instead of candy, you’re matching pieces to make booze for the various characters.

The game is free to play and pretty enjoyable (albeit unoriginal), especially if you’re a fan of the franchise. But much like its inspiration, you can expect to pay for lives.

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