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Expect big Xbox Scorpio news at 3pm today

The Xbox Scorpio is expected to launch this year, being the PS4 Pro to the Xbox One’s PS4. So you can expect it to play the latest games at 4K, while also being compatible with older Xbox One and Xbox 360 games.

Aside from Microsoft’s claim of six teraflops of power and a variety of rumours, we’ve heard little else about the new console. That’s set to change today though, as Microsoft and Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry crew announced earlier this week that the publication would have an Xbox Scorpio exclusive.

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“To clear up the speculation: @digitalfoundry will have an exclusive Xbox Scorpio reveal on @eurogamer this Thursday at 2pm UK/6am Pacific,” the Digital Foundry page tweeted.

In other words, South Africans should expect the news at 3pm.

Eurogamer and Digital Foundry are no strangers to revealing Scorpio news though, having revealed details such as 12GB of RAM and the lack of super-fast ESRAM. The publication has also garnered scoops for the PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch ahead of their releases.

It’s expected that the new console will be notably more powerful than the PS4 Pro, with Microsoft claiming it would be a “true 4K” machine.

In any event, check their website this afternoon for the latest Xbox Scorpio news. Now, about getting more exclusive titles on the Xbox platform…

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