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People with big hands rejoice: OG Xbox Duke controller returns

xbox duke,controller

The Xbox controllers weren’t always comfortable devices. In fact, when the original Xbox launched in 2001, it shipped with the gigantic ‘Duke’ controller.

The gamepad was panned by numerous outlets and many consumers — Microsoft even introduced a smaller ‘Xbox Controller ‘S’ for Asian audiences. The smaller controller would eventually become the standard input method around the world, but it’s fair to say that the original gamepad had its supporters.

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Now, it’s emerged that the Xbox One would be receiving a revived Duke Controller, courtesy of accessory manufacturer Hyperkin and Xbox godfather Seamus Blackley. The controller comes with Microsoft’s blessing and will launch at the end of March for US$69.99.

The new controller’s centre-mounted “jewel” is actually an OLED screen, displaying the original startup video when pressed. Blackley told CNET that he wants to let developers tap into the screen for extra functionality, but Microsoft has yet to approve this.

Otherwise, the new controller adds tiny LB and RB bumpers, while maintaining the original black and white keys.

Now, about bringing the Sega Activator back…

Featured image: Seamus Blackley Twitter account

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