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5 simple Android games for your boring daily commute

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A long bus ride? Train delayed again? That queue to the taxi moving so slowly you feel like you’re going backwards? Never fear when your app store is near.

Here’s a list of five simple and compact Android games you can play on your phone when you need to kill some time on that long, boring journey.

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Infinity Loop

Download size: 12.25MB

In this game you match up various shapes and lines to create patterns and loops. The developer, Infinity Games, describes the process as “zen” and is meant to be stress free.

There’s definitely a quiet, easy going feel to this app that makes one feel relaxed. The puzzles do become more complicated as you progress though.

If you like a little bit of thoughtful challenge, this game is a great pass time. It also won’t take up too much space on your phone.

Download size: 32MB

In, by Miniclip, you start of as a small dot and must grow into a bigger dot, by eating dots smaller than you (while avoiding the big dots, of course).

It’s a competitive online atmosphere but you’ll find yourself going back for more and more.

Getting the hang of the controls in this game is a bit tricky, but once you do its insanely addictive.

An otherwise idle brain will find itself quite entertained with, but watch out for the frustrations of constantly being consumed by giant dots.


Download size: Varies

The aim of this game is to add and match numbered tiles until you make the number 2048 — without filling up the grid.

The math involved is relatively simple, but even if you hate numbers, the swiping and adding gives a sense of satisfaction.

There are many versions out there, but R. App’s adds a bit more versatility. You can play on various sized grids, from tiny to classic to Huger and even unlock an “endless mode” once you achieve 2048.

The game is a go to, sometimes mindless affair, that passes time really well.

Crossy Road

Download size: 53.83MB

Crossy Road is an arcade style game by Hipster Whale where you are a chicken trying to cross several busy roads and railways.

This game is both fun and funny, with a little bit of trickiness. The vehicles go by at different speeds and the little chicken can die in various ways, including being flattened by oncoming traffic or splattered against the side of one of the many cars and trucks.

The game is endless, and you can collect other characters along the way.

When you’re braving those long lines and stuffy buses it will certainly help brighten your day.

Heads Off

Download size: 34MB

This morbid but hilarious game is about the life and death of screaming heads.

“AaaAAaAAAaaaaaaAaaaaAAaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAHh”, is the only description of the game by developer Ponos.

In the game, a screaming head is born. In order for him to move and grow up, you must tap the screen to make him scream. As he passes certain points, a life story of the head appears on the right hand side of the screen.

Your points are measured in how long the head lives. And you can birth more heads at what one can only assume to be the tree of life.

It’s another arcade style game, and also takes some getting use to when controlling the heads. But it is also darkly funny, and the wonderful weirdness of it all will give you something to giggle about in the dreary crowds.

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