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Beastly Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti stars in leaked graphics card lineup

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For those who just bought their Nvidia 1000 series graphics cards, you may want to look away now.

A list of preliminary specifications has leaked citing a few numbers and launch dates of the incoming Nvidia 2000 series cards. Notably, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti leads the line, and its numbers are frightening.

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Based on the 12nm Turing architecture, the GPU will have at least 6 MB of L2 cache, 4352 CUDA cores and 11 GB of GDDR6. A memory bandwidth of 616 GB/s thanks to a 352-bit bus completes its CV.

According to WCCFTech, the price should peak at around US$899, surprisingly making it a lot cheaper than 2018’s round of flagship smartphones. And with a TDP of just 250W, you may not need to invest in a new PSU either.

The 2070 and 2080 cards also receive the RTX branding, and are priced as low as US$400 according to reports.

The GTX 2060 retains more common nomenclature, while its specs are also a welcome revision for upgraders.

It will likely feature 5 GB of GDDR6 memory packed into a 192-bit bus. The 2050 should sport 4GB and boast a 128-bit bus. The cards of capable of 288 GB/s and 128 GB/s memory bandwidth, respectively.

Earlier this week, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang unveiled the new range of Quadro cards.

Nvidia is set to announce its new range of cards later today ahead of Germany’s Gamescom 2018.

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