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Apple is designing a sensor-packed mixed reality headset

Apple AR headset

Looks like Apple is designing a mixed reality headset in the same vein as Microsoft’s HoloLens, a report by Variety revealed on Monday.

In a patent called “Display System Having Sensors”, Apple seems to be designing an augmented reality (AR) headset with several sensors that track a users eye movement, facial expressions and environment.

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In fact, the patent application mentions “one or more head pose sensors configured to capture information about the user’s position, orientation, and motion in the environment”, as well as sensors for light and colour sensitivity, and even eyebrow sensors.

The device, which aims to create “an avatar of the user for display in the 3D virtual view” will likely be able to reproduce very accurate AR versions of its users thanks to its intricate sensors.

Earlier this month, Patently Mobile revealed that Samsung is also designing a mixed reality headset. Both devices however, do not have production or release dates.

Feature image: United States Patent and Trademark Office

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