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Essential’s Project GEM is an incredibly loooong Android smartphone

essential phone project gem

While companies are frenzied over foldable phones, Essential is heading in a completely different direction.

The firm, which was founded by ex-Googler Andy Rubin, has unveiled a new concept that looks more like a vape than an actual smartphone. But, no, it’s an actual smartphone.

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“We’ve been working on a new device to reframe your perspective on mobile,” it announced in a tweet on Wednesday.

It’s called Project GEM and it looks like the Nokia lipstick phone of old with a completely modern twist.

It features most of the 2019 era smartphone necessities, including a rear camera and fingerprint reader, and a swanky glossy finish on the rear that changes hues based on the angle of the light falling on it.

But perhaps most interesting is the screen itself thanks to its ridiculously long aspect ratio.

Screen size and that aspect ratio itself hasn’t been revealed just yet, but XDA-Developers believes it runs a Snapdragon 730 chipset and Android.

Its OS also features a custom UI making the most of that tall screen.

The Verge received confirmation from Essential that this is indeed the successor to the PH-1, a phone which perhaps hasn’t performed as well as the company had hoped.

Price and release date info is yet unclear, but what is definite is that the Project GEM will probably live or die based on the level of developer and app support.

Feature image: Essential

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