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Samsung’s next camera sensor could be as big as 150MP

samsung galaxy s20 ultra camera stock 1

If you thought 108MP was large for a camera sensor, wait until you hear about Samsung’s latest project.

According to SamMobile (via a Korean message board), the irm is currently working on a 150MP smartphone camera sensor that could take up as much as one inch within a smartphone body.

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To put that into perspective, the current 108MP sensor used in the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is 0.76-inches, and it’s already quite large.

Samsung’s sensor won’t be snapping images this large, but will rather use a pixel-binning technology to shrink images down to 16MP.

This technology effectively lumps pixels into groups of nine, improving light absorption and image quality.

Pixel-binning on the 108MP sensor currently produces 12MP shots.

As for when it’ll see the light of day? That’s anyone’s guess.

For now, rumours suggest Q4 2020. But considering how COVID-19 is delaying practically every industry across the globe, it might have an effect on tech releases too.

Feature image: Samsung

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