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iOS update brings app tracking options to Apple devices

Apple iPhone iPad iOS 14.5 software update app tracking

Apple has introduced a host of new features in its latest iOS software update, including new privacy options for downloaded apps.

The iOS 14.5 software update was rolled out to iPhones and iPads on 26 April.

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The update has garnered a lot of attention for its new privacy options. It also introduces new features tied to Face ID and Apple’s voice assistant Siri, and even a new set of emojis.

What’s new in the iOS 14.5 update?

The biggest change with iOS 14.5 is extra options for App Tracking Transparency.

Many popular apps such as Facebook track their users across other apps and websites. The information gathered from this tracking is then used for advertising purposes.

Now, when users download a new app on their iPhone or iPad, the device will ask users if they want to give the app permission to track them. Users can also check to see which apps are tracking them in the settings of their device.

The change has come under fire from several companies including Facebook.

The social media giant argues the feature prevents it from offering personalised ads to users. It has even gone so far as to create its own pop-up prompt telling users about the feature.

Apple published a video explaining App Tracking Transparency. You can check the video out on YouTube below:

Another big iOS update is users can now unlock their iPhone using Face ID when wearing a mask.

However, the feature only works if you own an Apple Watch and are wearing it. You will receive haptic feedback on your watch when you unlock your phone.

The feature is available on the iPhone X and later devices and the Apple Watch Series 3 and later watches.

Apple’s Siri voice assistant no longer just has a default voice. Users can choose between several different voices for Siri that suits them. Siri also has new support for FaceTime, making it easier to make calls with multiple contacts.

The assistant can also announce incoming calls through AirPods and make emergency calls if a user can’t.

Other iOS 14.5 features include a collection of all-new emojis, accident reporting on Maps, and redesigned pages for Apple Podcasts and Apple News.

Feature image: Unsplash/David Grandmougin

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