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Brighten up your gaming setup with Redragon’s pink accessories

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

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Redragon is a brand known for balancing quality, durability, and affordability when it comes to gaming peripherals – but it’s also looking to brighten up your gaming setup.

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The company’s range of pink accessories has landed in South Africa, bringing locals a bright new colour choice while delivering that familiar Redragon customizability and standards.

The new pink peripherals include gaming headsets, a range of wired and wireless mechanical keyboards, and mechanical keycaps set.

While the different hues already bring a burst of brightness and colour, this doesn’t mean the accessories skimp on the backlighting or RGB.

They also deliver a range of specifications that are important to gamers but offer something different in terms of the usual colour options available in this product category.

The new range also fulfills the company’s promise of creating gear for every type of gamer. After all, creating the perfect gaming setup that conveys your own sense of style and taste is part of the experience. So expanding on the choices for consumers allows more customers to choose products that speak to their tastes.

Here’s a look at some of the products in the range, which you can also find on the Redragon website.

Redragon Over-Ear Hylas Aux RGB Gaming Headset

Want a headset that stands out? The Redragon H260 Hylas Over-Ear RGB Wired Gaming Headset brings a more glam aesthetic to the gaming experience, while not compromising on the essentials you need.

Lightweight and adjustable for comfort, the headset features optimized noise and echo-canceling technology on its omnidirectional microphone for seamless in-game voice chat.

The wired headset is compatible with a range of devices too, whether you’re a console or PC gamer. So whether you need to plug it into your PlayStation 5, Xbox One, or Mac, you’re good to go.

And for a bit of extra flair, it features RGB backlighting.

Fizz Pro RGB Mechanical Wireless Keyboard

The Redragon K616 Fizz Pro keyboard combines the lightweight design of other keyboards in the Fizz range with the versatility of RGB backlighting and the convenience of wireless connectivity.

Users are able to connect to their devices with 2.4Ghz wireless or Bluetooth. And when the keyboard’s battery is low, you can use USB-C for responsive wired connectivity.

The mechanical keys offer the responsiveness gamers need, while the pink keycaps offer a refreshing aesthetic.

Redragon Fizz Rainbow LED Mechanical Keyboards

The Fizz keyboards provide a compact, light design, with portability and responsiveness at the forefront of their design.

The balance of white and pink keycaps, which are removable, are accompanied by rainbow LED backlighting for some extra style.

There are two designs available for these keyboards – one that uses pink as its central colour (Pink/White), and another that uses it as more of an accent (White/Pink).

They are wired with USB-C connections to increase the responsiveness of the input.

Dragonborn Red Lights Mechanical Wired Keyboard

Simple, stylish, and brilliant – but also practical. The Redragon K630 Dragonborn Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features either an all-white or all-black body, illuminated by pink LED backlighting.

Whether you choose the light or dark version, both options create a striking effect and contrast with the pink backlight.

The compact setup is also designed to be spill-proof, helping it stand up to liquid damage.

If you do want to switch up the design and setup a bit, the Brown switches and keycaps are removable, with a key and switch puller included.

Redragon 104 Scarab Mechanical Key Caps

Each of the Redragon keyboards in the pink colour range is customisable – so it only makes sense to also launch a pink keycap set.

You can also switch out keys on your current Redragon keyboards if you want to add a bit of pink flair to your device.

The Redragon A130 Scarab Semi-Transparent Mechanical Keycap set has a bottom layer of translucent white material that helps backlighting shine through. The top of the key has pink layer, with an easy-to-read font and textured finish.

The keys also support double-shot injection technology and have a Cherry profile.

Explore the Redragon pink gaming peripherals range

You can explore the different products available in the range on the Redragon website.

Make sure to also check out colour options on other accessories too as the brand expands its offerings.

This article is sponsored and supplied by Redragon.

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