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Cyber security hacks from the experts

Cybersecurity cybercriminals hacking
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The protection of security systems and networks from information disclosure or theft is fast becoming a necessity in today’s tech-heavy world.

That is exactly what cyber security is, and the experts think the right questions are important if you want to keep all your data from the clutches of online predator’s.

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Cyber security is about building a security mindset in the face of ever-evolving threats according to experts at Altron Karabina.

Keitumetse Mogodi alongside Reggie Nkabinde consultants at Altron Karabina both agree that data and cyber security should be a part of everyone’s daily routine.

Mogodi, added: “Just as we look after our physical security by being aware and conscious of our surroundings, in addition to physical security investments to protect us, so too should people think about cybersecurity.”

“Every day, every time we use a device, there is a risk that something can happen. You just never know when a malicious email will land or an attack will happen. Be present and alert.”

Nkabinde agreed noting that Google was everyone’s best friend.

Staying up to date with the latest news and information will allow users with the education they need to manage their own cyber security.

Online digital hygiene and security practices were pivotal the experts added.

Here are some questions to keep asking yourself in order to ensure healthy cyber secure habits in your arsenal:

  • Do you have an appropriate password and multi-factor identification?
  • Have you learnt how to ensure that your data is encrypted?
  • What are the latest tools you can use?
  • Do you know what to look out for so as not to fall victim to a phishing attack or open the door to your organization?
  • Do you pay attention to simple things like tone, colours, URLs, and more?

The best laid out organisational plans mean nothing and could prove useless if users are not on top of their own cyber security behavior.

“This makes ongoing education and awareness an absolute necessity for businesses, and this needs to be driven from the top of the organisation down,” said Nkabinde.

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