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Phone or camera? Both with the Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept with a DSLR lens

Why not have the best of both worlds with Xiaomi’s latest concept phone with a full-size Leica lens?

The concept which unfortunately has no plans to go into the market, features, a full-size Leica camera lens to be mounted on the back of a prototype version of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

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The Xiaomi 12S Ultra’s camera is remarkable.

Phones camera

Before you start thinking Xiaomi would be compensating for a shoddy camera on the phone, the 12S Ultra offers a 50.3-megapixel resolution with a stabilized f/1.9 lens.

A stabilized 5x telephoto lens with a 48-megapixel sensor and a 48-megapixel ultrawide frame which offers two Leica branded color processing profiles: Leica vibrant and Leica authentic.

Phone plus camera lens

The phone only released this year comes impressively with a 1-inch type camera sensor on its rear.

The camera sensor is larger than most stand alone phones, which allows Xiaomi’s new concept a lens to match.

Xiaomi teamed up with Leica to develop the interesting camera system used with the Xiaomi Ulta 12S.

Attaching the full size lens turns the smartphone into a professional photo making machine with benefits like depth of field.

Xiaomi will now get a sense of what happens when you merge the innovative muscle of AI photography and the hardware of a stand alone mirrorless camera?

Users can expect the ability to shoot unmatched raw images, with the lens morphing the phone to a full-on camera.

The attachable lens will however be integrated with a camera app.

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Featured image: @aggasaurus/Twitter

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