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Here’s a device that will prosecute traffic offenders in less than 10 minutes

Faster than an out-of-shape officer, quicker than most traffic department ques, it’s on the road and it’s definitely sending road offenders on their way to court.

It’s known as the E-force according to Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula, a device that enables officers to prosecute more traffic offenders on the road.

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It seems the days of being hauled out of your vehicle and into that big minivan to check if you have outstanding warrants are in the past as this new gadget will have you headed straight to court – with a court date – with one scan of your drivers’ license.

The device seems to allow officers to identify vehicle owners, scan vehicle discs, scan licenses while issuing a course of action including court dates to road offenders.

During a road traffic operation on road safety on Friday Mbalula took to the streets to clamp down on unroadworthy vehicles.

Several minibus taxi’s were flagged, with some drivers issued with fines.

The day’s most notable feature was the e-force device, which printed out information which otherwise took longer than minutes to retrieve.

The device

The device can be seen in action.

It prints out a notice to a motorist and issues a reason for the notice.

Not only does it issue reasons for the ticket it also issues a date of trial according to the officer in the video for a trial date in the event the offender does not pay the ticket.

Payment details are also issued on the receipt to curb a lingering bottle of cocacola and metro officers myth that we’ve so often heard.

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