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Apple, Level Lock+: Unlock your door using your phone, watch 

The future is here, and we’re deep into to spotting some handy appliances to help you improve your smart home.

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Described as smart elegant and an intelligent deadbolt, this smart lock known as the Level Lock is a definite crowd pleaser.

With its tiny and attractive finish the electric smart dead bolt indorsed by Apple is new security tech that users love.

Access your home from anywhere, link access to your home with other devices and control access with your voice, this lock system comes fully loaded to please.

Level Lock uses a stainless steel gearbox to withstand some charismatic weather conditions.

The lock system is smart, efficient enough to deliver over a year’s worth of battery life from a single CR2 battery.

So the lock mechanism connects to a phone, watch or preferred devices with access to the app.

The app allows users to track any person with access to the passwords/app and keeps track of all house mates.

Send digital keys, create a one pass key, and see who’s come in and when they came in, this devices seems to be checking some much needed boxes.

Pair the Level Lock with an OMNIA lever to create an elegant aesthetic to your door.

Level Lock + the next level of home security now supports Apple home keys to securely lock and unlock anyone’s door by tapping the Level Lock device with your compatible iPhone or Apple watch.

When approaching the door simply touch or scan your devices on the door for access.

Home Keys allows users to use their iPhones or Apple watches in the same manner they would pay for groceries using Apple Pay.

Tap level lock to unlock your door.

Users can also ask Siri to lock or unlock their doors with just their voice.

Family and friends who have access to the Home app can add home keys to their wallet, and users can share and control access from anywhere.

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