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Are these the best so far? Sony WF-1000XM5 wireless earbuds

Sony has launched the WF-1 000XM5 earbuds for music lovers and me, considering I’ve been a fan of the WF series for a while now.

This piece is not about us, so back to Sony’s gorgeous WF- 1000XM5.

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So what makes these bad boys special?

They’re wireless earbuds for music lovers, with cutting-edge tech to deliver premium sound quality coupled with noise-canceling performance.

Noise out, music in

The WF-1000XMF5 comes from the latest edition of the award-winning 1 000X series.

Now this series is exactly where an audio lover wants to be as it caters some of the best sound and noise canceling features yet, with next-level immersive sound.

Sony has partnered with songwriter and musician Miguel on storytelling around how the WF-1000XM5 buds are made for music.

“As a music lover and a music creator, the WF-1000XM5 earbuds really surprised me in terms of bass, clarity, and overall dynamic range. I enjoy the ability to personalize and craft my own sound, and these earbuds deliver an authentic music listening experience,” says Miguel.

“Plus, the noise canceling gets rid of any unwanted noise,” he added.

Raising the bar in relation to quality sound the WF-1 000XM5 comes with audio processors, high-performance mics, designed driver unit Driver X, wide frequency reproduction and uniquely composed bass which allows clear vocals.

They’re designed to immerse the listener in a sound that pretty much replicates a studio featuring your favorite artists.

What’s inside?

The WF-1000MX5 features three microphones on each earbud, dual feedback mics to improve low-frequency noise cancellation and integrated processor V2 which all come together to reproduce lower frequencies thanks to the Dynamic Driver X.

A unique polyurethane foam material allows the buds to deliver fine vocals with deeper bass, audio processing, and high-performing analyzed amplification, resulting in earpieces that deliver crystal-clear audio.

Head tracking technology measures a realistic and compelling listening experience that allows the buds to automatically adjust sound fields to compensate for head movement.

The earbuds are modeled in the shape of the human ear, with an ergonomic design that ensures a secure and stable fit.

These are 20% lighter than their predecessor the WF-1 000MX4 making them a notable step up for the brand.

The buds come in different sizes including ultra-small with an auto play for a touch-less listening experience.


The buds will be available in the country from September 2023 in futuristic recycled plastic material which adopts Sony’s original blended material for the packaging.

Original blended materials such as sugarcane fibers and bamboo, allow users to enjoy Spotify, Endel, and Apple music while they enjoy a quality listening experience.


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