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Tech 60 seconds: Four skills to keep you ahead in today’s digital world

World Youth Skills Day on July 15 has highlighted the massive amount of input needed to increase the digital economy.

What exactly would grant today’s youth with the skills required to ensure that the result in 15 years would be a competent and efficient generation ready to discuss and improve on the norm?

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One of South Africa’s leading fibre providers Vuma compiled a witty list which we totally agree with, that could cater to some answers that will shape a tomorrow many are routing for.

ChatGPT optimization 

The ability to optimize and use new AI tools is paramount.

Understanding new technology and optimizing new AI systems remains a vital bonus for the youth.

Learning to optimize these new AI systems means the youth can provide services using the massive new AI system options driven to enhance user experiences.

AI is fast becoming a valuable tool that has grown in leaps since last November. Understanding the technology means the youth could improve productivity to streamline any process using AI in various industries.


According to Mathilda Robertson, Brand Manager at Vuma, coding has become an essential skill in today’s technology-driven world.

Coding skills assist the youth to adapt to the ever-evolving world of tech and explore entrepreneurship by developing innovative digital solutions.

Coding languages allow the youth to be efficient in understanding Code not only to read it but to program and manipulate Code for the greater good.

Content Creation

Content creation is fast becoming a main stream of income for some content creators which signals a growing need from the public for new and compelling content.

The idea of sustaining life through content creation was at some point a big fat no-no.

Today, thousands of content creators on various platforms continue to sign deals that prompt them for their creativity, an aspect that makes the partnership mutually beneficial.

Understanding platforms such as TikTok means young people learn to become better storytellers.

Mastering skills such as videography, graphic design, writing, and photography provides the youth with vital skills necessary to survive in the corporate world.

Centralized hubs/workshops and networking

Centralized hubs for entrepreneurs are a great way to ensure young aspiring innovators remain stimulated.

These hubs allow young budding minds to tap and refine their skills in an ecosystem that is designed to nurture skills.

The idea is to entrench a networking mindset. To develop hungry minds in an effort to broaden the skills to market self.

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