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WATCH: Hisense AR filter | walk through a TV?

Consumer electronics developer Hisense has introduced a witty new feature with their range of TV that could possibly argue that viewers can walk through a TV.

The AR filter allows users to take a journey – with the help of augmented reality – into their TV and into a world that technically advertises the Hisense brand.

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A walk through the 3-Dimensional world allows users to also look back and see their TV and what could resemble their living room.

The feature is cute, but whether this will translate into sales, is a another question.


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The feature is pretty innovative, considering the technological landscape today for smart TV’s.

Whether buyers are convinced by a trip inside their TV or not will solely be up to them.

The addition for something unique on a TV could creates the necessary publicity for Hisense to argue that they have continuously kept their ear to the ground in an effort to bring forward both products that are innovative as well as price savvy.

Augmented reality has made tremendous headway post the Covid19 pandemic three years ago.

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience that combines the real world and computer-generated content using multiple sensory modes which include visual, haptic, and olfactory.

AR combines three features to create a world of possibility.  The three features are virtual, real-time interaction, and accurate 3D- reflection of virtual and real objects.

An AR filter

The AR filter although making its way into  TV’s comes from a smartphone app known as Snapchat.

The company introduced AR in their stories feature on social networks.

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