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Rooibos enters virtual gaming market with Enshrouded

Rooibos has entered the virtual gaming realm.

For more than a century, Rooibos has been known solely for the botanically divers Cederberg region of the Western Cape.

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In a new action-packed survival game called Enshrouded, Rooibos is introduced as a virtual nomad highland, an area in the game located in the heart of the game filled with resources for the player.

German- based gaming developer Keen Games introduced Enshrouded via early access for Windows PC users on January 24.

The game requires players to obtain resources in the form of Roobos to survive.

The game has attracted more than a million users already, showcasing Rooibos growing in the virtual Nomad highlands, an area located in the game.

In the game, players wake up as Flameborn, the home of an ancient civilization.

The antagonist is the shroud, a creeping blight that absorbs and mutates all life it encounters.

Players must master powerful weapons, spells, and armor, while fighting creatures.

Players use their creativity to build bases and epic homes, while crafting mythic weapons.

To survive, resources, such as wood, stone, metal, leather cloth, and other rare materials are collected by either looting chests, crates, and containers or harvesting trees and rare plants, such as Rooibos.

The Roobos shrub is a challenge to get in the Normad Highlands region. Users can craft its seed to create a plantation or make a cup of tea.

Preliminary reports from gamers say the Rooibos tea recipe allows users access to bonuses adding to a player’s stamina and endurance.

A key reason Keen Games incorporates Rooibos into the game is likely due to the tisan’s growing popularity in Germany and Europe at large.

Adele du Toit, spokesperson for the Rooibos Council says they’re thrilled that audiences from all over the globe are meeting with Rooibos in the virtual world.

“The inclusion of Rooibos into Enshrouded has come as a complete surprise and is sure to drive Rooibos’ visibility and reach new demographics. Gaming has gone from a niche hobby to one of the biggest markets in the entertainment industry with more than 3 billion gamers worldwide.

“By incorporating authentic products, like Rooibos, into a game often contributes to a more immersive gaming experience, particularly where real-world items are integral to the gameplay and are contextually relevant.

“We hope that players worldwide will associate positive experiences with Rooibos in the game, which could potentially lead to increased awareness and a greater demand for our locally grown tisane,” du Toit said.

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