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The AI debate, a time saver, productivity enhancer or nightmare?

AI illustration. Image created by Marcus Moloko

The words Artificial Intelligence today mean something completely different from what was previously thought to be the definition of a set of intelligence that users prompt for some inspiration.

To date, AI remains a topical conversation, providing invaluable time-saving and productivity-enhancing efficiency while edging businesses and users into another realm of productivity.

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We saw Microsoft introduce Copilot, Google introduce Bard and later Germini, OpenAI set the pace with ChatGPT, and these indicated a great deal in how organizations and teams reduced their digital debt to deliver their objectives while reducing time.

Ellouise Langeveld, Senior Specialist: Solutions at Altron Karabina says the findings are clear, 70% were more productive, 29% were faster overall in a series of tasks, and 77% did not want to stop using Copilot as they were faster than usual when catching up with meetings, they missed.

Ellouise Langeveld, Senior Specialist: Solutions at Altron Karabina.

Detailing some of Copilots’ advantages,  Langeveld says AI is not just hype.  She says Microsoft continued to evolve in its capabilities to discover new possibilities.

It’s a definite timesaver. For businesses, the benefits of AI are easy to spot. She maintains that companies should consider partnering with accredited Microsoft service providers to ensure they are able to fully realize the value of their Copilot investment.

The cocktail of AI being a timesaver and productivity enhancer will always be met by the uncomfortable perceived antidote of AI being a job stealer, employee replacer, and even human replacer.

This remains a passionate debate with a solid unshakable reality, that AI remains a revolutionary tool likely to continue automating repetitive tasks.

Administrative tasks, scheduling meetings, or even generating initial report drafts should be streamlined and AI most likely will be the go-to answer for these.

Concerns do linger and opponents do have necessary fears of job losses alongside other unemployment anxieties.

Despite all these concerns, the potential benefits of AI remain the upshot. With proper implementation, AI can become a valuable asset and not a threat.

Leveraging its capabilities while mitigating potential risks could unlock new possibilities.

AI remains a necessary tool and businesses must maximize its benefits to minimize potential drawbacks.

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